10K, Over and Out

I did it! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to from “barely able to run a mile without stopping” to finishing a 10k, but I did. I was pretty (re: very) slow and there were lots of hills, but I made it. And it actually made me want to do another.


I ran Monday Night Brewing’s Westside 10k, partially because the timing worked and partially because there was a 2-beer incentive at the finish line.


It began with some nervous energy when I realized I was surrounded by runners – like, people who really run. I’ve been running for the last couple of years, but I’m not a runner. I’m just proud that my joints don’t get sore and I don’t want to die after a few minutes. To me, that’s success. I’m never grazing a 7-minute mile.

But here I was, surrounded by the Lululemon League, taking off spritely and passing me with ease. I realized at some point during the race that I was being passed by extremely fit people: how had I been ahead of them to begin with? I shortly realized they were in the 10 mile race and had already lapped me by 4 miles. Nice.


Another tip from the road: don’t start the morning with a slice of pizza and half a Diet Coke. Unless you enjoy pooping yourself along the way. This should have been self-evident, I realize, but my dumb morning-brain seemed to think a little carb and caffeine snack would really get me going at 6am.

The big thing I’d tell you if you’re running your first race of any kind would be to focus on the finish line – not your time. I’m slow; I may (re: will) always be slow, but I’ve made enormous progress with my running, so I’m cool with it. There will always be people who pass you, but as long as you’re competing with yourself, you’ll come out successful and inspired. And ready for a beer.

So where does that leave me with my bucket list? Let’s recap.


30. Climb a mountain.

29. Run a 10k.

28. Nail a handstand in yoga.

27. Get spiritual.


26. Learn a language.

25. Master a skill.

24. Read some books that actually mean something.

23. Develop some knowledge about cars.


22. Visit Thailand.

21. Take a trip with my Dad.

20. See a Wonder of the World.

19. Take a cross-country road trip with Brandon.


18. Volunteer regularly somewhere for at least 6 months.

17. Turn off the T.V. for a week.

16. Finish my book.

(Yeah, buddy – I did this!)


15. Invest in 5 diversified stocks.

14. Build retirement fund.

13. Own a second home.


12. Get closer with my sister.

11. Go on a walk at least once a week with Brandon.

10. Try something more sexually adventurous than usual.

9. Be a good in-law.

8. Send a real letter to a friend every month for a year.


7. Zip line.

6. Participate in a big cultural event like a music festival or Oktoberfest.

5. Swim with a shark. Or at least sting rays.

4. Learn to surf. Or at least try.

3. Be personally responsible for winning a big piece of business.

2. Perform in a play or musical.


1. Learn to be happy just as I am.

10 down, 20 to go! I think I might make it after all.