Days Gone By

Close the door on days gone by

Favor lost, too late to try

Betrayal’s ripe, emotions high

Sad that now this means goodbye


Force me when you steal the show

To be the roadie, set in tow

I had to serve the final blow

In naked rage, I served it low


I regret the way we died

But feel relieved to end the lies

Omission serves its own refrain

When battered hearts become remains


I needed time to test your gaze

Waited for your turn of phrase

To tell me you would count me in

As I had counted you, a friend


Jealous odor foul in air

The friendship fabric starts to tear

Goodbye to you, and you, and her

We’ll part with echoed awkward words


I’ll sate my hunger other ways

Plenty more to fill my plate

But I’m still haunted by the ways I tried

Sacrificed now to days gone by

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