So Come Pick Me Up

I’ve landed. NYC continues to be my mistress. She’s heartless and only out for my money. She’s beautiful and alluring in a way I can’t explain. She is a phantom I think about often when I’m not around her, yet the reality is all too real. I need to stay with strangers more often. Convinced […]

Sleeping with Strangers

One more update before I close out today… One might ask, “Gee, Alexis, you seem to have conflicting priorities, don’t you? You’re back and forth to NY like a freak of nature but then you’re complaining about money. How do you reconcile, you damn hypocrite?” Well, douchebag, nobody’s perfect, but I will say that my […]

What’s Left

Might be time for a little check-in on what’s actually left to do on this damn list. Amiright? I started this thing about 2.5 years ago (OH GOD I’M OLD) and I’ve steadily made progress toward its finish line. Although knowing myself, I’m sure I’ll have some pre-40 game plan, but part of me hopes […]