When Nothing Is Enough

I’m part of a group of self-identifying women on Facebook, thousands of lovely, like-minded women who support each other, ask questions about where to buy hemp milk, whatever. It’s oozing with crunchiness, hippy-dippiness, and over-sensitivity. And I was stupid enough to ask for some friendly advice. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a […]

40 Before 40

In ten years, I’ll be officially middle-aged. In the four years leading up to 30 since I started this blog, I accomplished 25 of the 30 tasks on my To Do list – not half bad, especially considering the ones I never hit were “get spiritual” and “be happy just as I am.” I mean… […]

He’s Here

We are a little over 1 month out from the big 3-0 birthday that this blog has been leading up to, and so much has changed over the course of 4 years. I suspected we might decide to have a child before this birthday, but even a year ago, I had started to doubt it […]

Post baby plans, for those interested

  Hi everyone, Brandon and I have been discussing post-baby plans and we wanted to update any family and friends who might plan to visit our little bundle after he arrives. We’re excited to see you and hope you’ll bear with us during this transitional time when we expect to be exhausted and overwhelmed for […]

Pregnancy Is Gruesome

Working in the industry, I’m no stranger to internet targeting. I normally don’t mind. But there’s something highly invasive that happens online when you’re pregnant; a creepy little ticker that tries to normalize the horrible things happening to your body, that’s delivered to you weekly based on your e-behavior. First, there’s the countdown. 10 Signs […]

Love Trumps Hate

Since the election, in between bouts of interminable sadness, I have: Called my senators to oppose the appointment of Steve Bannon Emailed my electors about their upcoming vote Called Rep John Lewis to thank him for his service Gone to my first neighborhood meeting Worn a safety pin Voted in favor of keeping the ACA […]