Another Checkbox

Sometimes things happen without effort or intention; for better or worse. And sometimes those things are on your bucket list. Go figure. Today I swam with a sting ray. And I don’t think I ever want to swim with the sharks. So there you go. 5

Letting Go

Life is crazy, work can be insane, but I’m trying to remind myself to let it go. Everyone I respect has been telling me lately that I can’t control everything; I can’t change the world by myself and if I try, I’m going to drive myself nuts. Maybe I already have. My mentor, Deborah, kindly […]

Trudging Along

I’m stuck in a rut. I approach my 28th birthday, halfway through this life improvement initiative, and I am drowning in bad television, wine, and utter exhaustion. All my yoga and running fell by the wayside once I ran my first 15k. My achievement quickly became my excuse. As a result, I’m considering signing up […]