Growing Up Is Hard To Do

I like to remember myself as a cool teenager. Someone obsessed with pursuing her own individuality, intentionally pursuant of the unpopular choice, and undeterred by her peers. But the reality was that I was an insecure kid like anyone else. I had my heart constantly broken, cared deeply about others’ perceptions of me, went through […]

So I’m 90 Years Old

We can cross “tangible skill” off the Bucket List, because I officially know how to be a 90 year old woman. Over the last week, I’ve learned how to knit and make candles – in fact, here’s Todd enjoying the lovely lavender-scented one I created earlier in the week. I’ve also been keeping up with […]

Shuffle Off To Buffalo

There’s no better place in the world than Buffalo, NY. Okay, that’s a complete lie, but there is something quaint about it. I visited Buffalo this past weekend to see my mom’s idyllic hometown, East Aurora, which I’d only ever heard about in stories. It was exactly as she described, and so little had changed […]

You Say You Want a Revolution

Well, you know. Not much progress of late on the bucket list. There’s been a lot of wound-licking and life transitions that have gotten in the way of my goals, but it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing the first steps of them. I’m also creeping along in my #HandstandsAcrossAmerica mission – I’m at 3 states […]


I got really mad a few weeks back when someone told me to “stop being such a girl.” Looking back, I’m not sure whether I was more offended by the implication that I was weak or that somehow girls were an inferior sex, but nevertheless, hell hath no fury like me scorned. What does it […]

Training Dayz

What a whirlwind couple days! The sales team came into the office for lots of training, and I sat in. Couple that with the late dinner, heated conversations, and too much wine last night, and I’m spent. Meanwhile, things are good. I’m settling in around here and sounding moderately intelligent. People are friendly and I […]

Office Tour

Ask and you shall receive. For those curious folk, I took a photo tour of my office today. Shockingly, not that many new coworkers were willing to create the stock photo feel I was going for on the tour, but my bud Kevin was nice enough to at least give me one pose. I still need […]

How To Cheer Yourself Up

I went to the movies to see Ted 2 today – a nice, lighthearted comedy. All showings were canceled – I guess something was wrong with the projector. The only other movie coming up was Amy – about Amy Winehouse. There’s nothing like a 2-hour biopic about a depressed, heroin-addicted, bulimic singer to really lift […]


Successfully talked a client out of a campaign today. #Winning! Slightly more relevant background: that offering didn’t make sense for them, so we suggested they go the direction of another of our products. But I prefer to advertise it as my first of many failures.