Rocky Mountain High

Well, I feel simultaneously stupid and proud, which is a unique feeling. Dad and I headed over to climb Flattop Mountain on Sunday; you can see the excitement and fear on my face in the picture we took of the sign clearly pointing to the right to take us to the trail: So, obviously, we […]

Sleeping with Strangers

One more update before I close out today… One might ask, “Gee, Alexis, you seem to have conflicting priorities, don’t you? You’re back and forth to NY like a freak of nature but then you’re complaining about money. How do you reconcile, you damn hypocrite?” Well, douchebag, nobody’s perfect, but I will say that my […]

Serenity at Serenbe

My sister is the best. Smart, talented, kind, funny, and beautiful. She is all of the most wonderful parts of me and limited amounts of the bullshit. But I don’t see her all that often, because she lives pretty far away. One place she’s always wanted to go is Serenbe, an idyllic little community south […]

Shuffle Off To Buffalo

There’s no better place in the world than Buffalo, NY. Okay, that’s a complete lie, but there is something quaint about it. I visited Buffalo this past weekend to see my mom’s idyllic hometown, East Aurora, which I’d only ever heard about in stories. It was exactly as she described, and so little had changed […]