Shared Secrets with BuzzFeed and Ze Frank

Ze Frank was a pioneer of vlogs, but that simplistic statement probably trivializes his contributions to American culture. Ze wasn’t just a YouTube celebrity, he was an icon for the then-new frontier of viral content. I was an early fan, from his days in the early-2000s of his “How To Dance Properly” ecard, and evolving into […]

The Changing of the Hedwigs

The snow is falling gently, almost so gently that I’m unsure if I’m imagining it. I hold out my tongue to catch a flake, remembering the old adages about snowflakes being cradled with germs, especially in the cesspool that is NYC. I swallow it anyway. I welcome the burn. Let me be clear: I am […]

One More Down

I completed TV Turnoff Week, and Monday was definitely the hardest night. It felt like a detox, but I found ways of dealing that weren’t so bad. Tuesday and Wednesday, I distracted myself with dinners out with friends and coworkers, including an evening full of Cards Against Humanity with our departing intern Lauren and most […]

TV Turnoff Week – Day 1

I have a feeling I’m going to be blogging more this week than normal. Why? Because I’m Bored. As. Hell. I knew off the bat that I’d have trouble turning the TV off for (a mere) 7 days, but rounding down on night 1, I’m already out of things to do. My idea to combine […]

Classic Recap, Part I

As part of my venture to improve myself and experience new things before turning 30, I’ve been embarking on a journey to read more “books that mean something.” I interpret this as classics, books that involve learning something, and nonfiction. I realize that’s fairly broad, but I’m not a huge reader normally, and my repertoire […]