Hedwig x 6

Different lyrics resonate with each new Hedwig. Last night… I rose from off of the doctor’s slab I lost a piece of my heart. Now everyone gets to take a stab They cut my up into parts. I gave a piece to my mother I gave a piece to my man. I gave a piece […]

On My Own

I love, love, love traveling alone. Memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences are best shared with a travel partner, but if it’s a usual spot for me, I would just as soon go by myself.  BUT WHY? Aren’t you lonely?? I enjoy the company of myself. I like eavesdropping on other conversations. I love the convenience of being […]

Money, Honey

I know I shouldn’t, but I’m having a mini panic attack about money. My car lease is about to end and we have a big, gaping hole of debt ahead of us that we need to pay off. I know you’re not supposed to talk publicly about money, but I’m nothing if not brutally honest […]

Expanding the list

Places I want to travel before I even consider having kids: Ireland Napa Valley Bocas del Toro (again) NYC at least 5 more times Tuscany Miami (just to visit friends… bleck, I hate Miami) Chicago (to visit family) Cross country road trip Las Vegas I still need to hit Africa and Australia at some point, […]

Full Circle

I don’t know how, but I somehow manage to become the apple of smarmy sales guys’ eyes. I wonder what that says about me. Maybe that I don’t have enough respect for people? Because frankly, I’ve never cared enough to be intimidated by power. Que sera. In any case, my continued lack of concern for […]

Serenity at Serenbe

My sister is the best. Smart, talented, kind, funny, and beautiful. She is all of the most wonderful parts of me and limited amounts of the bullshit. But I don’t see her all that often, because she lives pretty far away. One place she’s always wanted to go is Serenbe, an idyllic little community south […]