The Day My Face Peeled Off

It wasn’t one of my bucket list goals to undergo surgery or improve my physical appearance, but hey, we’re all a little vain. And although vanity wasn’t the sole reason for the surgery I had last week (there was medical necessity pre-empting it), it played a part in its results. What have I learned through […]


You have the chance to completely reinvent yourself, she said. Everything in your life is evolving. Become the person you want to be. To sleep, a deep sleep, a dreamless sleep… this is what I look forward to tomorrow. The sleep I’ve been aching for for months. The rest my body needs. And the reawakening […]

Full Throttle

I’m back in the game again. Blind fury being an excellent motivator, I broke my two-mile running record yesterday at the gym. And I beat the living shit out of a punching bag, for extra good measure. Today, I bought my new scooter (!!!), a 2014 electric blue Buddy with only 300 miles on it. […]

There Is No Dulcinea

Cervantes, as time has told, may have been wiser than us all. I’ve been reflecting on a book I read years ago; one I didn’t even particularly enjoy but has that sticky quality that haunts you forever. I finally know why: I’ve pieced it together. Call it latent analysis. Don Quixote isn’t just an imaginary […]

Plane Playlist

Irreverent as always and stealing a few lyrics… I call the playlist “Old School Butch.” Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley Red – Taylor Swift Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash Save Me – Bleu Easy To Be Hard – Hair Revival Cast 2007 Evaporated – Ben Folds Shut Up and Dance – Walk the […]