I don’t know exactly why Thailand has burrowed its way into my subconscious, but I’ve wanted to go for exactly 6 years. During a late night at a Montreal bar, chatting with an army guy, I first considered Thailand an attractive vacation destination. As someone who’d seen the world, I was curious what his favorite […]

Classic Recap, Part II

Anna Karenina was a hike to get through: 800+ pages of heavy reading, deep plot structures, and lots o’ Russian names. But honestly, it was a phenomenal read. The parallels you can draw between current romantic relationships (under the guise of societal structures), religious struggles, and even modern-day politics are striking, even though the book […]

Surf’s Up

It’s hard to complain about my job sometimes. I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room in Maui, drying off from a morning at the beach. And it feels like 7pm but it’s only 2 here – I’ve got the whole day open. Let me back up – I’m here on business (a video shoot and […]