What Planet Is This?

I got a text from a former client (and current friend) last week, alerting me she was standing outside my new office.

(The circumstances are more boring than relevant, so I’ll spare you the “why,” but nevertheless, there she was.)

No better time than the present, I offered her the first tour of my new gig’s headquarters, at a local hotspot that’s set to open restaurants and shops over the next few months. It’s hard to truly capture the vibe of this office without sounding like I’m bragging about being here, but truly, I’m still incredulously taking it all in. As my friend said, “You hear about offices like this existing, but you don’t often see them in practice.”

Let me back up.

I can work in most environments. My first job crammed me in between a very loud and aggressive boss, my coworker, and a kitchen area… in a tiny hallway. We all basically shared one long desk.

I had my own office (with a door!) for a brief, glorious period of my existence, although realistically, I knew that couldn’t last.

However, my current office is something I’ve never experienced before. It’s the kind of expansive, social experiment-type of dwelling that you’d more often see at Google, and even though I’m a noted dissenter of open office environments, this one seems pretty cool. I hope to post pictures soon.

First, the desks are small and very open – not a lot of privacy, but catering to conversation across the monitors. However, there’s lots of breakout space as well. Hate a sedentary lifestyle? They’ll get you a standing desk, or you can use the treadmill or bike stations with their own computer docks. Prefer a couch or a room enclosed in glass? Maybe a restaurant-style booth or a stool at a free-standing table? They’ve got those, too. If you want to get really crazy, ask your meeting-mate to join you for an intimate conversation on a swinging bench chair overlooking North Avenue. And if you need to refuel on sleep at lunchtime, grab a nap pod. YES, A NAP POD.

This place has bike storage, a game room, fitness classes, and a fridge full of booze and soda. There are golf holes, ping pong tables, and chess boards peppered around the space. We’re right off the Beltline and I’ll soon be able to bike to work in 15 minutes. We get FREE SNACKS. FREE. SNACKS.

Progressive isn’t even the word to use for this space – it’s beyond that. And the culture they’ve created here, surprisingly, isn’t one of entitled or spoiled employees; it seems to be one of appreciation and collaboration. People don’t take advantage of the flexibility they are given because they recognize they’re being entrusted with something precious. And I guess that’s why companies like Google work (pun gently intended).

I still have so much to learn, and I’m eagerly pushing to contribute probably earlier than I should. I want to earn my keep here and revel in the newness of this incredible opportunity I’ve jumped into. And I want to enjoy the spoils of being here in a partial effort to stop my heart from hurting as much as it does when I think about what I’ve left behind.

But I see brightness in the future and bikes along the Beltline, so I’m hoping this is part of the upswing I needed in life.

I guess only time will tell.

Until then, I’ll see you in the glass enclosure near the engineers.

But don’t call me, because I don’t have a phone.


How Alexis Got Her Groove Back

My face is healing beautifully, although still bruised a bit. I figure it’s time to start getting my body back to where I like it, too.

With that, I do better when I live under:

(a) the fear of social scorn

(b) my own unrealistic expectations

So I’ll be throwing both into this fire. I’m starting a 90 day challenge, self-invented, to get myself back into good habits again.

photo (5)

*5 workouts/week (I’m following a Pinterest 30-day workout routine right now, but I’ll intersperse with running and yoga)

*Under 1400 calories/day

*Vegetarian diet 3 days/week

*1 serving of “white” carbs/day

*24 oz+ of water each day

*No snacks after 9pm

*Stick to this 6 days a week, with one cheat day

This was pretty similar to what my trainer suggested years ago, so I figure it can’t be all that bad. And it’s not so restrictive that I’ll totally fail or necessarily fall back on old habits.

I’m really not a person who holds much faith in fads, and I hate blogs like this one, but I figure posting this will help me stay true to myself, through public commitment. I’ll spare you the ongoing trivia as I work through it, but suffice it to say I’m going to hit this 90 Day Challenge with fervor… because if you can’t do something for just 3 stupid months, why even bother?

P.S. If you have an eagle eye, you’ll notice I’m generously offering myself of a reward of a trip to wine country if I stick with this. 🙂


Winds of Change

This week has been restorative, awesome, and balanced. A couple impromptu wine nights with friends, continued healing from surgery, a paced adjustment to my new gig, a happenstance meeting with a former client (and friend!), and my first guitar lesson. I’m digging it.

I know every minute is fleeting, but for the first time in a while, I feel like I’m handling things gracefully. I’m balancing work and play, anxiety and relaxation, relationship and alone time.

I’m also making some strides toward getting closer with my sister – I’m looking forward to spending some more time with her for her birthday in August, and getting to know her on a more personal level now that we’re both adults. How weird to have a sister of actual drinking age these days! I don’t know if I’m excited or depressed by that fact.

In terms of travel, I’ve taken a mini break but I’ll be right back in action starting 7/19, to go visit my mom’s hometown with the family. My uncle passed away recently and she wanted to return to her roots – I’m glad we’ll all be together to support her that weekend.

More to come as the winds of change keep shifting… a continuing evolution, as always.

Thanks to all my new readers, by the way. Leave a comment to say hi. I can’t believe how much traffic this little thing is getting these days – I’m humbled and startled any of you care enough to keep up with me, but thanks for tuning in.