Progress Report

It’s been a while since I posted, and I guess you could say it’s because I’ve been busy. Did I run my 10k in March? No, I chickened out. I still run, not as much as I used to, but the last couple of years is the most consistently active I’ve ever been (except maybe when I lived in NY), so I’m proud of that. It helps having a little dog friend, Alice, who would be truly devastated if we didn’t get out and run together a couple of times a week.

I did nail a handstand in yoga – I’m officially calling it. Whether I could do one nowadays is debatable, but for a solid couple of months, I could intentionally get into a handstand and stick it, unsupported. I was depressed to discover how much ab strength it actually took – something that seemed like simple fun when I was a kid turned out to be real work. Isn’t that always how it goes?

28. Nail a handstand in yoga.

I learned a language. I’m okay counting it because I really devoted myself to a Spanish II class. Could I speak to you fluently? No, I’m afraid not. But I got out of my comfort zone and re-familiarized myself with the grammar and vocabulary, and it helped me get around Ecuador. Dad spoke the language better than I did, but I picked up on more of the contextual side of conversations – and I was pretty pleased.

26. Learn a language.

Which all leads me to another accomplishment: 21. Take a trip with my Dad. I took Dad to Cuenca, Ecuador in May, and it was overall a great experience. We got to know the people and culture, saw some beautiful sights, and spent some real quality time together. We even ate guinea pig! (Sorry, PETA.) Check out some pictures from the trip:







That’s where things stand so far. Pain points include:

  • I haven’t read anything substantial yet. Yep, in a whole year.
  • I can’t bring myself to turn off the television – for a mere week. Hello!
  • Brandon and I need to take more walks together. I can’t wait until he’s done freelancing!
  • I am 2 letters backlogged on notes to friends. Does it count instead that I’m going to 5 weddings this year? (Answer: No)

But I’m not doing too shabbily, and I’m having fun aiming for some goals. Ironically, cramming an entire life in before turning 30 is keeping me young – and I guess that’s the way to live life all the time. Side, closing thought: A new goal has become reaching 100 Broadway shows – that’s not a bucket list item, but I’m pretty close now at 94, so I’m excited to celebrate my 100. Man, I miss that industry – my first true love.

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