I assume with the keyword-rich posts on Thailand, my blog is more popular than ever. Thanks to all the readers from all over the world who have discovered my inner musings, and apologies if you thought you were going to get a blog all about Thailand and ended up inside my head.

For all my whining lately, I’ve realized that my OCD (yes, actually diagnosed) demands I have a mission in life, so I’m diving back in full-force to the list and into any other goals I stumble upon. I think my next missions for the foreseeable future are going to involve guitar lessons (mastering a tangible skill!), getting back into exercise on a regular basis, saving some money, and pursuing a new personal venture that I can’t share on here but I’m really excited about. My body is tingly with the anticipation of the dawn of a new day, and all the new experiences I’ll encounter.

I started this blog waxing poetic about my need to constantly turn over new leaves; chiding myself for my inherent desire to keep moving. But now that I’ve turned the page on another chapter of life and, separately, decided to remove some of the personal toxins, I’m feeling armed and ready for another adventure. Because, really… that’s all life is.

Onward and upward.

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