Full Circle

I don’t know how, but I somehow manage to become the apple of smarmy sales guys’ eyes. I wonder what that says about me. Maybe that I don’t have enough respect for people? Because frankly, I’ve never cared enough to be intimidated by power.

Que sera.

In any case, my continued lack of concern for respect or decorum hasn’t seemed to slow me down at work so far, which is fortunate. I really feel like I’m helping to make a difference to both the big and small pictures, working to make everything more efficient, help iron out better processes, and implement changes that can only make the company better. I’m loving playing this more operational role while also sharpening my strategy pencil.

This week has been busy and exhausting, but I’m energized and excited to be a part of an amazing company that is poised to do incredible, unprecedented things.

More to come.

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