On My Own

I love, love, love traveling alone. Memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences are best shared with a travel partner, but if it’s a usual spot for me, I would just as soon go by myself. 

BUT WHY? Aren’t you lonely??

I enjoy the company of myself. I like eavesdropping on other conversations. I love the convenience of being a party of one at a restaurant – I rarely have to wait to get in at even the hippest places. They are happy to fill that one loner bar seat.

I can see shows all weekend and be obligated to no one. I can, as I did today, rush said shows and get the last remaining seat nobody else would want. I can walk when I want and can when I want and act like a stagedoor nerd if the mood strikes. And if it doesn’t? Fuck it, nobody but me cares anyway.

Traveling alone teaches you about yourself as well: the value of silence, the strength you have within, the navigational skills you do (or don’t) have. Be cheap where you want and spend a boatload when you’re feeling crazy. No one is there to weigh you down.

Places I’ve traveled to alone:

  • NYC x 30?
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Pittsburgh and Aruba (although not sure if business counts)
  • Chicago
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Philadelphia
  • Miami

And I am just getting started!

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