Boring Adult Things

Stock Piling

I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the news – nearing the edges of your seats, waiting for me to plunge more deeply into the stock market.

Good news, you can all relax: I have.

I have a diverse portfolio of about 10 stocks and several mutual funds, planning for my retirement like the responsible adult that I am. And although I don’t know if I’ll quite triple my savings by the time I hit 30, it has gone up by about 100% since I started the blog, so that’s nothing to sniff at.

In other news, Brandon noticed our credit card bill the other day and has put us on a strict regimen of eating all our meals at home. And I’m also not allowed to buy any more “luxury” items. Clearly, my fiscal responsibility ends at the 401k.

We’re also creating our first wills this month. Because nothing says “bucket list” like planning for your own demise. And nothing says “romance” like reminding each other you’re both going to die.

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