Weird Things About Pregnancy

A few thoughts on growing a human, coming from someone new to the experience.

  • Don’t call me Preggo, Preggers, or any similar derivative. It makes me feel like a jar of marinara at best and a water balloon at worst. I am still Alexis, and yeah, there’s now also a baby up in here.
  • You know that constipated feeling you get sometimes? Imagine that, but in front. It feels like I’m carrying a small lead ball around.
  • Everyone has an opinion about what I eat. Bug off!
  • Exercise is suddenly more interesting. In a matter of days one week, I lost 5 minutes on my 5k time. And I felt like I was going to keel over.
  • I miss wine. 😦
  • All the animals love me. Not sure if they sense something I don’t, or they just like my new body pillow.

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