TV Turnoff Week – Day 1

I have a feeling I’m going to be blogging more this week than normal. Why? Because I’m Bored. As. Hell.

I knew off the bat that I’d have trouble turning the TV off for (a mere) 7 days, but rounding down on night 1, I’m already out of things to do. My idea to combine TV Turnoff Week with “Let’s Read Some Classics” has backfired, and my brain is fried, filled with (ugh) complex thoughts. It needs some Shark Tank to defuse it.

Although, I have to say, tonight has taught me a few things:

  • I’m much more productive when I’m restricted from TV.
  • I eat less when I’m not watching TV.
  • More chores get done when I’m not watching TV.
  • I am really sad without my TV.

I’m going to insinuate here that TV is apparently a bit of an addiction for me, since not only have I thought about it constantly since coming home, I’ve spoken with our dog Alice about it.

“Alice, I know what you’re thinking,” I said. She cocked her head. “But we agreed: absolutely no TV.” She cocked her head the other direction. “No TV and no pizza.”

This was simply my way of torturing her, as she loves pizza. We wonder why she has anxiety issues.

What have I done with the last 4 hours?

  • Ate dinner, slowly and deliberately.
  • Attempted to learn and record a song on both guitar and piano. Verdict: Fail.
  • Had a (large) glass of wine.
  • Taken a bath.
  • Read 75 pages of Anna Karenina. Hi, that sucker is 800 freaking pages. I’m going to throw myself a Russian tea party when it’s complete. (Although I have to admit, I’m really loving it. Brandon called it “800 pages, but a quick 800 pages,” and although that sounded completely ludicrous at the time, he was right.)
  • Checked Facebook and email five times.
  • Uploaded my picture onto a makeover site and made myself look like the Dragon lady from Game of Thrones (see below). I am actually considering going blonde, but I’m certain this specific look would be ill-advised.


I need to find something to keep myself occupied tomorrow night, or I may break. Wish me luck. Of all the things I’ve done on this godforsaken list, is TV going to be the one to sink me?!

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