One More Down

I completed TV Turnoff Week, and Monday was definitely the hardest night. It felt like a detox, but I found ways of dealing that weren’t so bad.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I distracted myself with dinners out with friends and coworkers, including an evening full of Cards Against Humanity with our departing intern Lauren and most of the work team.

Otherwise, the weekend was the next largest hurdle, but I realized by the time it arrived that I’d already found other ways to occupy myself. I was sick all day Saturday and gave myself permission to watch a little TV – but as soon as I turned it on, there was nothing I was interested in watching. I realized I’d rather spend my time reading a book.

I took a break from Anna Karennina in favor of something a little fluffier, although dark: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It was like indulging in a Jolly Rancher after eating a steady diet of veggies for a while: something that had once seemed like a chore now felt like an indulgence, and I wasn’t missing the boob tube.

I also found other ways of occupying myself: brunching with friends, organizing pictures for my grandmother, and doing an Improv Everywhere stunt with Brandon that involved going pants-less on the subway. There are worse ways to spend a weekend – and far less memorable ones.

With that said, enjoy the fruits of my TV Turnoff Week labor – full of fun, and lots of regrettable pictures.







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