Surf’s Up

It’s hard to complain about my job sometimes. I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room in Maui, drying off from a morning at the beach. And it feels like 7pm but it’s only 2 here – I’ve got the whole day open.

Let me back up – I’m here on business (a video shoot and a presentation). But I figured this trip would be a perfect multi-tasking opportunity to knock out another Bucket List item, so I arrived a day early to make this a Bleisure trip. (This is a real term. I promise.)

There aren’t a lot of opportunities to surf near Atlanta, as you might suspect. Hawaii is known for its surfing, and once again, I’m proud to have made this 30 Before 30 list because I’m not sure I would have gone to the effort of a surf lesson otherwise. I’m here by myself (until my coworkers arrive), I needed to go off-property to surf, and I’m not exactly a fish in the water. Unless you count dead fish, because I’m great at floating.

But I wandered down to the concierge at 8am and he set up a cab (with Happy Jack’s Butterfly cab service, no less–butterflies all over the ceiling) and booking with Maui Wave Riders for 10am. Shortly, I was on my way.

I won’t say surfing was easy, but I did manage to catch some waves. Naturally, as the dud of the group (it was me and a family of 4 New Zealanders), I was given a paddleboard when I failed to even balance on my knees on the first go. But boy, was I good at paddleboard surfing. The instructor high-fived me regularly and suggested I go pro. Unfortunately, the confidence was short-lived, because as soon as I was given the privilege of a real surfboard again, the wipeouts continued (see proof below). But truth be told, I had a blast the whole time, and was proud to ride some “real surfboard” waves toward the end. Not bad for a 2-hour lesson.

IMG_4838 IMG_4732IMG_4844 IMG_4845Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 6.48.21 PM

 surfin usa maui

After the lesson, I wandered down the road back to the Marriott, stopping for local coffee recommended to me by my first cab driver from the night before–pretty good stuff. It was about a 3 mile, leisurely (beisurely?) walk back to the hotel, and so calming and peaceful. Not half bad for another item checked off the list – and I’m so proud of myself for tackling something I was afraid to try. Surf’s up, dudes!


Oh, and P.S…..

I ran a freaking 15k the other day! Who am I?!!!



30. Climb a mountain.

29. Run a 10k.

28. Nail a handstand in yoga.

27. Get spiritual.


26. Learn a language.

25. Master a skill.

24. Read some books that actually mean something.

23. Develop some knowledge about cars.


22. Visit Thailand.

21. Take a trip with my Dad.

20. See a Wonder of the World.

19. Take a cross-country road trip with Brandon.


18. Volunteer regularly somewhere for at least 6 months.

17. Turn off the T.V. for a week.

16. Finish my book.


15. Invest in 5 diversified stocks.

14. Build retirement fund.

13. Own a second home.


12. Get closer with my sister.

11. Go on a walk at least once a week with Brandon.

10. Try something more sexually adventurous than usual.

9. Be a good in-law.

8. Send a real letter to a friend every month for a year.


7. Zip line.

6. Participate in a big cultural event like a music festival or Oktoberfest.

5. Swim with a shark. Or at least sting rays.

4. Learn to surf. Or at least try.

3. Be personally responsible for winning a big piece of business.

2. Perform in a play or musical.


1. Learn to be happy just as I am.

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