I don’t know exactly why Thailand has burrowed its way into my subconscious, but I’ve wanted to go for exactly 6 years.

During a late night at a Montreal bar, chatting with an army guy, I first considered Thailand an attractive vacation destination. As someone who’d seen the world, I was curious what his favorite place was – and he cited the beaches of Thailand.

Since then, Thailand has been a mysterious and alluring spot for me: elephant sanctuaries, monkey islands (!!!!MONKEYS!!!!), temples, amazing food, and a completely unique culture to anything I’ve experienced. And once you purchase the flights, the expense is minimal; for better or worse, the baht offers great conversion rates to the dollar.

Well, I’ve thought about Thailand so deeply that I added it to my “Before 30” list, so to celebrate my 28th birthday (or, as I’ll tell everyone, my fourth 25th birthday), I’ll be spending the evening on a flight to LAX, and then heading through Seoul and, finally, Bangkok. I’m gently spreading the news over several weeks to Brandon that:

  • The flights have already been purchased. (Don’t judge me; he’d put it off for forever and he already said we could go in May. Plus, I used air miles for the domestic flights.)
  • The travel itineraries are a minimum of 28 hours each way.
  • There are 2 connections each way.

He does better with less information to mull in anticipation.

On a larger-scale bucket list that doesn’t actually exist anywhere but my head (exactly how OCD do you think I am?), I long to hit every continent before I leave this earth… and Thailand will be my Asia stop. Which would make it a total of 4 continents, including my seven-week trek through Antarctica in college. (Just kidding; that’s a complete lie.)

In any case, I am anxiously anticipating the trip to Thailand, and I can’t wait to figure out the itinerary. We’re surely going to see some part of the northern territory, and may stop by one of the closer beaches to Bangkok during our week there – but I’m not in it for the beaches. As anyone who knows me will tell you… I’m always in it for the monkeys.

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