Putting My Cat Obsession To Good Use

I’m a cat lady. I mean, probably not as much as Brandon is a cat lady, but I think I qualify.

We have four cats and two dogs. There, I said it. I pretend to only claim two of the cats as “ours,” but the other two basically live with us. Although if anyone wants them, please take them.

The bright side about being overrun with animals is that I. Really. Don’t. Want. Any. More. Which means I can finally volunteer with animals and be at zero-point-zero risk for walking out with one of them in my bag.

Cut to my last two months of me on Monday nights at PetSmart, scooping cat poops for some appreciative little felines. They’re all such sweeties, and I get to play with cats without taking them home. Which is exactly my attitude about children, incidentally.

It does feel good to give something back; I’d been feeling like a waste of worldly space and now at least I know that my contribution is helping out the life of someone else. I’m committing to at least 6 total months of volunteering, but I may keep it up even after that – we’ll see.

Meanwhile, my life is still a bit of a slag of waiting for Godot, although the next two months are filled with so much travel, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do anything else. Could be worse! I thank my stars each day for a husband that deals with my moodiness, takes care of everything while I’m gone, supports all my weird decisions, encourages me to make time for fun, and gets me water every night.


I think I might be Brandon’s cat.

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