Letting Go

Life is crazy, work can be insane, but I’m trying to remind myself to let it go. Everyone I respect has been telling me lately that I can’t control everything; I can’t change the world by myself and if I try, I’m going to drive myself nuts. Maybe I already have.

My mentor, Deborah, kindly reminded me of how far I’ve come already, so to take it easy and slow down. Just be.

My “work big brother” Dave was less polite but equally right when he told me to stop worrying about shit that wasn’t mine to fix anyway.

Tough love is effective.

I’m in San Antonio on a shoot now, trying to bask in the perfect metaphor that’s been presented to me. We are here to shoot the sunset and it Won’t. Stop. Raining.

Something is out there controlling the universe… or they’re not. But regardless, it can’t and won’t be me. So I’m just going to breathe and let it go.

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