Rocky Mountain High

Well, I feel simultaneously stupid and proud, which is a unique feeling. Dad and I headed over to climb Flattop Mountain on Sunday; you can see the excitement and fear on my face in the picture we took of the sign clearly pointing to the right to take us to the trail: So, obviously, we […]

Oh Hi There – I Hate You

No, not you. Not my dear reader. I hate you, my first two wrinkles, appearing unexpectedly on the right side of my forehead. No, I don’t forgive you for intruding on my bathroom mirror image, appearing as a reminder of my stress and new, wonderfully startling march toward bodily decay. I think it’s really uncool […]

Climb Every Mountain, Or Really Just Any Mountain

My dad apparently thinks my exercise experience of late has been frantically lifting Doritos into my mouth (not wholly far off), because his latest email to me about our potential mountain climbing adventure reads: “Climbing uphill is nothing like walking or running; it’s very hard physical labor.” Thanks, Dad. As if it wasn’t already intimidating […]

A New Leaf

I’m always turning over leaves. The one constant in my life over the last 10 years has been my husband; someone who recognizes my quirks, impatience, and constant need for change better than anyone. He’s stood by me through countless transformations, hobbies, interests, jobs, and emotions. And now he’ll see me through this one. I […]